Prayer Community Groups

Wednesday, February 7th


We've started a new round of Community Groups for the season, focusing on growing in prayer! Whether you struggle even wanting to pray or you have a disciplined habit of prayer, these groups are designed to help us open up to the Lord together and see His work in our lives. We have three different Community Groups meeting a different times and places. For addresses or further info, please reach out through the Contact page of our website.


The first prayer Community Group meets on Sunday mornings at 10:00am in the church, just before our usual church-wide gathering at 11:00am. This group will focus on learning prayer exercises shown us in Scripture and church tradition and then practicing them together.


Another prayer Community Group meets at a house in Cape Charles every other Sunday evening, following a video series on prayer, discussing, and praying together, open to anyone who would like to come!


A prayer Community Group specifically for women is being held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month, at 7:30pm, at a house in Eastville. This group also provides an opportunity for the mothers who attend the monthly Moms Co. meetings (formerly M.O.P.S.) on the fifth Wednesday of every month at the same time to grow in their faith further and experience more community.

Men's Breakfast

Saturday, February 10th 8:00 AM


Eastville Baptist Church hosts a free men's breakfast every second Saturday of the month. Join us for delicious food and spiritual conversations!

Church Potluck

Sunday, February 18th 12:00 PM


Join us for our monthly church lunch, on the third Sunday of every month, right after our usual gathering time! The church family is encouraged to sign up for sides and desserts to bring, but everyone is welcome to join! We also encourage local law enforcement to stop by for a meal.